Wuxi Yong 'an tell you how to detect the gas alarm

Wuxi Yong 'an tell you how to detect the gas alarm


Last week, Qidong a food Co., Ltd. of the week contact Wuxi Yong 'an electronic Technology Co., LTD., ask: gas alarm is how to sensor monitoring gas concentration?

In simple terms, it is detected by the principle of catalytic combustion of natural gas alarm. It seems to sound very unclear. Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the specific process.

The natural gas alarm system adopts the principle of catalytic combustion, and uses the catalytic combustion sensor, which is the so-called high temperature sensor. The detection element of the catalytic element is wrapped in the platinum wire coil with alumina and adhesive sintered into a ball, and then coated with a layer of platinum, palladium as the catalyst. When the platinum wire through the current, the detection element continues to high temperature (300~400℃), at this time if the contact with flammable gas (methane), methane can be hot combustion.

The detection method of natural gas alarm is based on the principle of measuring the heat released by the methane combustion reaction on the surface of the detection element, that is, the combustion makes the temperature of the platinum coil rise, and the resistance value of the coil will be affected by the heat. By measuring the size of platinum wire resistance value to analyze the measured gas concentration, this method is low cost, good effect, very suitable for industrial use.

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