pipeline spark alarm controller
  • pipeline spark alarm controller
  • pipeline spark alarm controller

pipeline spark alarm controller

The spark detector is used to detect sparks or sparks mixed in the dust conveying pipeline. It uses infrared high-sensitivity detectors to detect sparks, alarms in time, and starts the downstream spray device to extinguish the sparks in time to protect the equipment and prevent fire or dry explosion. Purpose, the whole process is completed in less than 0.3 seconds. Installation is simple and convenient. The spark detector is divided into YAH-201A basic type and YAH-201B independent type according to the site usage.

pipeline spark alarm controller

Product name: pipeline spark alarm controller

Number of detection points: Type A: 2 groups, Type B: 4 groups, Type C: 6 groups

Linkage output points: 6 groups of relays, passive, normally open or normally closed

Off time: set the time through the touch screen of the man-machine interface.

Module self-test: manual + automatic

Display mode: LCD touch screen

Message record: 9999

Power supply: 220VACV

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pipeline spark alarm controller

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