YAY pressure transmitters
  • YAY pressure transmitters
  • YAY pressure transmitters
  • YAY pressure transmitters

YAY pressure transmitters

YAY pressure transmitters are manufactured with imported sensors and are used to measure steam pressure or ambient pressure with gas and liquid as the medium. Strong anti-interference ability, acid and alkali resistance, long-term stability and reliability.

YAY pressure transmitters

· Good stability, long-term stability of full scale and zero position can reach 0.2% FS/year. In the compensation temperature range of 0~70℃, the temperature drift is less than 0.2%FS, and less than 0.5%FS in the entire allowable operating temperature range.

· With reverse protection and current limiting protection circuit, the transmitter will not be damaged when the positive and negative poles are reversed during installation, and the transmitter will automatically limit the current within 35MA when abnormal.

· Solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long service life.

· It can carry out high-precision measurement from air pressure to water and oil, and is not affected by the quality of the measured medium.

· Easy installation, simple structure, economical and durable.

Product type    Pressure Transmitters

Explosion proof grade     Exd ⅡC T6 Gb

Power supplyDC24V±10%

Pressure range: -100KPa~0~60MPa

Pressure form: gauge pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure

Long-term stability: ±0.2%F.S/year

Accuracy grade: ±0.5%F.S

output signal:4~20mA

Shell materialAluminum

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YAY pressure transmitters

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